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Its coming up fast

posted by Joel Bisaillon on 28th Aug 2015, 6:54 PM

It’s been quite a bit of a scramble. I’ve set myself an official release date of September 1st and I want to have 10 pages done with 5 of them stored for back up. I have a cast of characters page and an acknowledgements page to round out the comic. I’ve also just added my keyword list to HTML. I’ve hooked up Patreon, Top web comics and my Deviant art page.  So where to with this now?

As some of you might have noticed I tend to hide some culture references I enjoy in the comic and if people post on the comic what I have acknowledged, I’ll start a little winners page on the site.

Also should you see a miss-spelling please school me on what it is.


Learn as you go

posted by Joel Bisaillon on 20th Aug 2015, 12:19 PM

Well I’m about to embark on a journey that’s been on my mind for years. Stories and concepts have been floating around for some time in my head. It’s finally time to put pen to paper as they say as my time off comes to a quick end.

I’ve been teaching myself quite a few new skills over the months and think I have what I need to know to get this off the ground. Most of my work is created in Poser and prettied up in Photoshop then a dose of manga studio for good measure. I’ve noticed that the font is too small to read so the story will need to be spread out a bit more. I’m being hosted on comic fury for the moment but I’ll see how long that lasts and how well it treats me.

Next I need to see about promotion of Eirgsmoth on many of the Web comic supportive sites like top web comics, comic basement and mac’s comic list. I’ve built a few banners but need to clean them up a bit. I know that Patreon is a good service for funding and I’m in the middle of writing up a goal/rewards write up for the world but first I have to get some work under my belt. Say 10 pages or so. Eirgsmoth needs a Facebook page, a twitter account and its own personal email address.

About page one “What’s Due”. The introductory page opens on a proud but doomed gambler who won the wrong trophy. A pair of cousins named Prunesquallor follow the victim to collect. That’s an homage to Gormengahast and all of you who don’t know of it please try to read it or find a copy to watch it. Kantzy is the killer as Wormald directs with his attempt at  gentlemanly conduct. He fancies himself a slight poet with a psychopathic nature. Murderers none the less. Welcome to Eirgsmoth.


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