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Intermittent Return

posted by Joel Bisaillon on 16th Nov 2018, 12:06 AM

 Yes, I know it has been some time since I posted here, and I apologize profusely. Originally Eirgsmoth was a project to help pass the time while I was unemployed but that rectified itself faster than I was anticipated. It’s not that I was planning on being a bum just that I tried to make a go of it as a freelance artist. What a horrific flop that was. So the long and short of it is that I have some time to return but I don’t know how much time. I’m saying that I’ll be putting forward some more comics but not on a set schedule. More than likely the next page will be on Monday should everything fall in place but don’t hold me to that. Please just know that I’m trying to be creative and tell an intricately fascinating tale of the tender underbelly of a dying city. If you have any questions just send me an email at xianfazoul@hotmail.com and take a look at my website at www.joelbisaillon.com



133% more Nudity

posted by Joel Bisaillon on 18th Oct 2015, 5:10 PM

I must apologize to everyone for being late with my comic. Not only in the last two weeks have I had a wicked cold that just won’t go away I have also started a new factory job that my 40 some odd year old body isn’t used to. I may have a sporadic go of it over the next few weeks until I get my life a little less painful. Ah wonderful pills take this ache away. To my Patrons: please be patient with me and I will add a few extras when I can. However as was suggested by a good friend I will re-write my first paragraph.

The long awaited Eirgsmoth with 133% more nudity if finally released to the enthusiastic devotees. We had to make sure everything looked flawless for the debut of the Widows’ Lantern. I have been working tirelessly with my years of experience and tenacious will to bring you comic worthy of the blisters it has caused me to endure. I will subject my body and mind to such pains to bring you a worthy sacrifice that can only be healed with numbing remedies and time. Know that the work I do will surge with chaos and sporadic fits of creativity to show up on your screen when it’s suitable for consumption. Subscriber will be rewarded with extra morsels of my soul.

Now with the latest installment of Eirgsmoth I have finished my first round of introductions and we will circle back to some old friends’ next page. To start we have two of the Kings guard (known as beef in the vulgar tongue) heading to a brothel called the Widow’s Lantern to find a mercenary for some other noble. This is a highly unusual and generally frowned upon in the city as it seems to denote some sort of favoritism. Grundle the widow’s enforcer speaks with his employer about the request. Aunty Unger wants desperately to find out how she can cut out the middleman Roland Doormouse in her purchase of the drug only known as tar. Soon we’ll return to the Strumpet ready with our three rogues. It might be in your interest to find a thieves Cant dictionary

Oh and good news I’ve hit 1100 views. More to come...



Organised Chaos

posted by Joel Bisaillon on 29th Sep 2015, 7:32 PM

Sitting down on a rainy day I thought it would be smart to address the plot-hopping composition of the first 24 pages of my comic. I am attempting to bring about an intricate world of layered stories revolving around a troupe of colorful but deeply flawed personalities. If you take a look at the cast of characters above you will see that this first set of 15 players have only at this point half been revealed. I will in time update the cast as characters are introduced or die off but never will there be such a change of pace as there is in the first 24 pages.

A soap-opera has a vast cast that spawns many generations and I hope to inspire the concept of fantasy – opera with what I am creating. As I have always been averse to a lesser product comparing itself to a masterpiece I will not do so now with the most obvious fantasy – opera out there. The point being is that to give a world a proper feel of being rounded you have to offer variety and complexity very quickly.

I ask that as readers you understand that the first chapter may not be the most appealing at first but please be patient and return to see what you may have missed from the first read.



The first 7 pages.

posted by Joel Bisaillon on 11th Sep 2015, 5:31 PM

The bastard and his brood have much to talk of as Brune deliberates over a job offered to him by an undisclosed employer. Kantzy is still upset about his lack of attendance at the previous job. No harm done as work is work and Brune gets no cut from the five (opps four) coin action.

Now Lottia tries to dip in to (let’s call him) Festchon Bulvus’s pouch but lacks the subtlety more talented bungnippers enjoy. But from a distance they are being watched by something otherworldly. Lady Hill takes a slice to the abdomen but gets hers back to him. Stunned Festchon lets her brake away as she is called unknowingly bellow.

Soon we’ll encounter little Jona and Illos the Dither as they discover what others seek. As well as another anti-hero enjoying his time at the Widow’s Lantern. I hope you are enjoying the story so far and please comment on what you like.



My Failure With Patreon

posted by Joel Bisaillon on 10th Sep 2015, 8:53 PM

This is an interesting set back. It would seem I hadn’t fully set up Patreon correctly. I have had 500 people take a gander at Eirgsmoth on launch day and not one Patron. Not that I thought I was due any donations but it was shown to friends and family so I thought perhaps a few might donate. Well I hadn’t filled out my W-b(something or other) form. if any one attempted to donate and failed because I'm incompetent please if you are so inclined try again. If my stupidity has turned you off I understand.

However I am quite impressed with the views so far. Please if you notice anything wrong send me a message so I can sort it out. Now I’m not sure if everyone is aware but you are able to vote once per day on the Top Webcomic list if you are so inclined. It would help me greatly to gather more viewers if my Webcomic is higher on the list and I know that this will never pay me an honest working wage but it helps support something you like.


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