A row of tanks. A row of tanks. A row of tanks.



First and foremost I would like to thank the love of my life and woman who has put up with a rambling geek for so many years Jill. Without you supporting (in every way) this dreamer I don’t know where I’d be. (oh I wrote this without your editing so once you notice it please help me re-edit)

To Mom and Dad who raised a Toys R’us Kid. Hopefully I can grow up and be a professional Dungeon Master one day. You’ve been there threw everything and I thank you.

Three of my best friends although we don't talk offen I have to thank you. Dwayne Mahoney for sparking my intrest in art, roleplaying games, and metal I need to say I wondn't be the person I am today with out knowing you. Steven Plumb for showing me that I needn't strive for others approval and go with advice wether I take it or not also for showing me the world of digital artwork threw 3d programs. Bill Durfy for encouraging me to create this world as well as unsuccessefully (not on his part and boy do I need the help) being my editor.

To every-one at Acclamation for the eight years of me being a snide curmudgeon. You all made me enjoy coming to a career that I didn’t, even if I didn’t act it. You are all my best of friends for putting up with me and my wonderful personality. Thank you Trish for always looking out for me. Thank you Jordan, April, Lisa and Sandra on the back for helping me run things relatively smoothly. To all the Roques for making me feel like family at all times. To Michael, Leonard and many Jen, Jennies and Jennifers who were pros in the front end. (April can you read this to Jordan because we all know he’s illiterate.)

To my friends and family for humouring me and not telling me to shut up when I clearly talk with unearned authority. I tend to spout off without knowing all the facts. Oh and I am accepting of the fact that I’m a hypocrite.


To N Robin Crossby and the whole crew at Kelestia.com for being the first to take a chance on my artwork. Jeremy Baker, Ken Sneellings,  and Andy Staples. Everyone at the Harnforum.

For the years I wasted of a wonderful little Never winter nights server called the city of Arabel I want to thank the many players and characters that dramaticly influenced this work. So in no particular order and this is a mix of player login names and characters combined thank you to:  Armitage Shanks/ Mouser/Joachim_uk, Sulla Aiers /Lemonjello, Anen Meiwalle /Metropakt, Salanar Nettlefoot /Yzural, Urebrin Liamin/Strawman/Scarrow, Raice Bannon /Bi_Wonder, Nefari /Gorga469, Uncle Flint/GnomishInventor, Rav/Darlene_C, Xenthym/Forte, Riv Ayer/WickerBag, Apep Cipactli /Zool, Christopher Le Hallows/Vrugor the great, Raslyn Dracart/LittleMissBadass/Echo, Gamble, Kitten, Tomas Du Pre, Kinaru/Kururru. And to all the Players I haven’t mentioned it has been so long ago I am sorry. Please send me a note and I’ll add you.

Most importantly JB Claussen from the Arabel crew who helped me promote and eye my work befor I went live. You were my partner in crime in that city and this one as well.

To all the poser artists who I have used the works of: Colm Jackson, Syyd Raven, Traveler, Mortem Vetus (Andrew &Tracey Rolfe), Aeon Soul, Danie, Marforno, Faveral, GhostofMacbeth, many more I have yet to add.

Thank you Blambot for the fonts old and new.


Thank you Wendy Bisaillon for your donation of 5$ a month.

Thank you Amy Meloche for your donation of 5$ a month.

More to Come